Sunday, January 4, 2009

Latest Fad

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Just like any ordinary days lil bro Odlazir texted me “’kuya, asa ka kwon? Pa libre ta ke kuya., ajeje…” . Someone as bored in life as me without more ado dropped a line to our financer (kuya Wilson) and arranged everything. After an extensive brainstorm we ended up with the idea to go on a KTV, something that was new to us. From that day, was followed frequently during his free times. And that was the start of it! It became my big brother’s new hobby. Say goodbye to our outmoded leisure pursuit as dota, ran online, counterstrike, sonic boom, timezone etc. that we usually do since we were little, coz we are now gonna set up our latest career as SING MASTERS! lol! Just kidding! Thanks to Odlazir and Riza (cousins) for their incessant support. They were our gurus for this venture. Honestly I wish I have a nice voice because I really love to sing. I also wish I can compose songs. Through singing, I can express my feelings. I can easily reach out to other people and touch their hearts and hopefully effect a change in them. Through songs, I can tell the world how much God loves me. I can praise and thank Him for everything he has done in my life. I can serve Him and be able to minister to other people. Above all,, it is my fervent wish to be a recording artist and be part of the Christian music ministry. (Lolz!) Last December, my cousin Palen ( ang pinakamayaman) with her husband Ace treated us (mga unemployed) to a “sky is the limit” KTV, dinner and Pulotan at Cats and Dogs KTV along Rizal Street Davao City.

So, if there come a time that you want to unwind and tired of the usual drinking and dancing with the crowd in bars, or for those with voice that are not so for the public like mine, why not rent an exclusive room and party with your group like there’s no tomorrow?! And sing yourself as if you’re in the SingING BEE, ASAP, or WowowWE. We’ve tried Gimik KTV, and Cats and Dogs KTV, our next stop?! World Palace! ( All of which are within Davao City, Philippines).

Let our prayer be:

Dear Lord, we acknowledge you, you are the composer, you are the author, you are also the conductor, and we also know that you have given us every instrument that we needed to play this life, to execute the music that you have placed in our hearts. We pray Lord God that you would mold us even more in this life so that at every moment that in everyday that you do we can be a sweet, sweet sound in your ears. In Jesus name! Amen.

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