Monday, July 4, 2011

Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan

My cousins and I went to a park last week when two children came to me and one of them said. " Mag rap ko kuya beh " I don't know what he meant however,  I just said go. In the process, I learned that It is a culture in the area that they would perform a song in exchange of a small amount of money. Yet, honestly I enjoyed watching them. I even had cheered for them. After they performed curious as I am we had a little conversation about their situation and some interrogative talks but they seem very offensive to be posted. Young as they are words from their mouth are not that good but something in my heart tells me to be merciful and gracious; and bring them home and adopt them since I've always wanted to have a younger brother I never had. (LOL :] ) Anyway, I wanted to give an insight to these behaviors. As a person, I am crushed with this personality behavior. Clearly, from their physical look and actions, they are poor. Social status, here, plays an important factor in developing the young.

Dr. Jose P. Rizal stated, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan” . Of course, this is so used qoutation. But still, true to its meaning. These young people are poor from inside. They are corrupted. Mostly would say, corrupted mind. But, I believe that they're minds are not corrupted, its their personality. From our sociology class, if I’m not mistaken, it is the society that dictates what the young would be. If the child grew in a good environment, then the child would be well-educated and well-groomed, and vice-versa. If the society dictates, then the products (kids) follows the society. It will be also true, that the products of the society will continue what they have learned from their own society, and transfer to the next generation. The process would then repeat, and then repeat, until it is broken by a social change. The social change here, refers to the corruption itself. Indeed, corruption of the young is corruption in its fullest form.

Here's the video:

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. " -Proverbs 22:6-

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Can this be love?

 Love versus Infatuation

God has given man the good in life, especially the capacity to love and experience love. However, the devil constantly in opposition to God, places before us, created beings, counterfeits. Infatuation is his false front of love. And since both love and infatuation involve strange emotions--- a desire to be together always and sexual excitement--- telling the difference between them doesn’t come easy.

Young ladies and men of my age and even of all ages are hopeful to easily identify if they are really in love or not. How can we tell whether one’s in love or simply infatuated? How shall we know? Of course I am not credible, not reliable. How can an inexperience single young boy can answer that but I made a research, asked different people from different ages, experiences, backgrounds etc. . Fortunately, also some concerned individuals—psychologists, counselors, human development experts, and marriage and family life educators—have studied, observed, and written on this subject and passed their tested information on to us through books and reading materials. From them I’ve gleaned and summarized some valuable indicators to which I add my own observations, learning,  and a little experience.

1. Love centers one person only while infatuation tends to consider several at the same time.

The suitor who strikes here and there or the girl who accepts the offer of one man after another certainly needs time to be sure of his or her feelings.

2. Love develops slowly.

Just like a plant, love needs nurturing before a blade appears then the ear, and later on the corn. Feelings and impulses at first sight or such at those whirlwind courtships could be listed down as infatuation.

3. Love recognizes three important things even as interest in the other person awakens compatibility, faults, and reality.

Infatuation disregards the consideration of workability between two people in matters of age, station in life personality factors, and world views. It ignores character faults which a marriage cannot undo.
Generally, a child can be bent like a tender twig, but adults have to be accepted as they are. Marriage isn’t designed to be reformatory.
Neither does infatuation take a look at reality. Two young people who think they’re in love but don’t recognize their lack of financial and emotional capabilities to shoulder the responsibilities of dependent living, spousehood, and parenting may be simply treading the infatuated path.

4. Love motivates behavior, usually toward the positive. Infatuation does the opposite.

A young man who used to be a high achiever in class has become irresponsible and unconcerned about his studies. Fantasizing and late night activities with his girlfriend occupy his time. Love inspires, infatuation weakens and destroys.

5. Love controls desire for physical contact, but infatuation explores it.

It may be called ultra conservative, but I still known a few couples today that first kissed their partners at their wedding ceremony. A kiss could lead to more and more intimacy until sex, but God’s plan for our lives includes limits. Sex is good, but it belongs only in marriage.

6. Love is selfless, while infatuation is selfish.

The first protects the reputation of the beloved; the latter doesn’t care as long as he’s satisfied with what he’s getting out of the friendship.

7. Love brings the approval of family and friends. Infatuation generates disapproval of these two groups.

Very often these people see what lovers themselves are blind to. Love listens and weighs the pros and cons, infatuation is headstrong and rushes in to follow its impulses.

8. Love produces security, infatuation, insecurity.

My friend doesn’t know what she’s going to do. What an awful time this must be for her! She’s gone steady with his BF for a whole year, and thought they were really in love. Yet now he suddenly acts like he doesn’t even know her.

9. Love survives separation. Infatuation easily dies when put to a test like distance.

Love says absence makes the heart grow fonder. Infatuation sees the grass on the other side is greener.

10. If it has to end, love does it slowly.

The emotional traces are meaningful and deep. Infatuation, however, ends rapidly—easily comes and goes.

Experts say that most people get infatuated several times before they find real love. So what do you do when you find yourself infatuated? Recognize it for what it is—a crush and unreasonable emotion. Don’t take it too seriously nor make of it something it isn’t. Don’t allow yourself get carried away by it. And it’s very important not to “fall into bed” with just anyone you think you love. Follow the rules and listen to counsel and specially to GOD—we will find a real love someday.  

People from above's photos are mere models and does not necessarily reflect of those real life affairs upon date of publish. More so, Status changes without prior notice.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


"..Too often we assume that everyone else has it altogether and that we’re the only ones still struggling. We all battle discouragements, sin, tears, and loneliness at times. We each have hopes and dreams and joys. Be willing to share them. .."


I had been through a lot of stings before because of friends moving away. High school friends go to different paths in college, college friends went to different opportunity for a greater heights in life. Workmates and church-mates come and go. Though for now I have that restraining tendency when I feel that a certain person or group is getting close to me at the moment but I still believe that I need to face the so called separation anxiety and the like and meet new friends again. God has His purpose of letting me get close to a certain friend and then take him/her away in the long run for various reasons. One maybe because to give way for new people I need to bond with at a certain point of time.

We all long for friends. Someone to talk to. Someone who’ll understand us. Who will laugh with us. Cry with us. Who’ll be there for us no matter what.

But people move a lot. Our lives are busy. We make it home at night, lonely, tired, and with little energy to reach out to anyone, wishing someone would reach out to us.

Even at church many of us stand on the edges, watching people talk and connect. We feel so alone, wishing we were part of the group.

Here are some personal tips I can share:

So How Do You Make Friends? Where Do You Begin?

Go where you’ll meet people with whom you have something in common. A craft of exercise class. Church. The story hour. A bible study. Sports. Games. Healthy organizations etc.

Be willing to be the first to reach out.

How to Reach Out.

When you’ve decided that you’re willing to make that move, how do you reach out?

First, choose who you’ll reach out to.

The people I reach out to are ones who share my heart’s desires—a close intimate relationship with God and cherishing family and friends. I’m also drawn to people who laugh and have fun. What kind of people do you want as friends? When you’re drawn to them, reach out.

Then simply talk to them.

Text. Add to your GM (group messaging). Invite them out to gatherings, home, lunch or to do something together.

Call. If you don’t know what to say, begin with “ I was just thinking about you and thought I’d give you a call. I was hoping we could get to know each other better.”

It may feel awkward at first, but persevere. It took months for one of my friendships to really blossom. In those months I never gave up. I knew that this was someone who shared a lot of similar interests and passions. I called, wrote notes and invited her to do things. My perseverance paid off in a best friend who’s been a real source of strength through some tough times.

Many of us have walls that take a while to break down. Often it’s because we’ve been hurt in a friendship before. It’s harder to trust when you’ve been wounded by previous friends. Persevering love has a way of crumbling those walls and revealing good friendships.

What Do I say?

Sound too easy? Just start talking to someone and getting together? But what do you say? How do you feel those awkward moments?

Ask questions that require more than just a yes or no.

Question that that allows a person to share a part of themselves. Then listen.

Some questions can be simple, such as “What do you enjoy doing as a hobby or in your spare time?” Follow through by asking, “Why do you enjoy that?” “What’s most challenging about that?” “What’s most rewarding?”

Other questions can be a little deeper. “What one character trait do you wish you could change in your self? Or that you appreciate about yourself?”

“What was the most challenging time in your life?” “What one lesson has God taught you that has meant the most of you?”

Be willing to share from your own heart. 

Sometimes we’re afraid that people won’t like us if they really know us. Too often we assume that everyone else has it altogether and that we’re the only ones still struggling. We all battle discouragements, sin, tears, and loneliness at times. We each have hopes and dreams and joys. Be willing to share them.

Share things you enjoy doing.

From there, you’ll find things you both enjoy. For instance, I have a friend who doesn’t enjoy computer games but like going to movies. As we tried different things, we found the things we both enjoy together. Remember, it’s OK if you don’t like everything together.

Will he/she like me?

What if the person you’re reaching out to doesn’t want a close friendship? Then find someone else who does. And you won’t know that until you try. Too many times we let our insecurities hold us back. We worry about things that may or may not happen. My friend kept on asking a certain girl to go to Movie with him. He said, : I’ll never get the opportunity to watch movie with her if I don’t ask.” He’s learned to ask. “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” She might say no, but she might say yes. You’ll never make friends if you don’t risk trying.

Pray for Friends.

Most important, pray. Tell God about your need and desires for a friend. Trust Him to lead you. Follow through on His promptings. When he puts a person on your heart, trust that it’s His leading to reach out. Believe that He’ll give you the courage and the words. Watch for His opportunities.

God desires for you to have friends. He knows that you need them. He planted that longing in your heart. And He has special friends just waiting for you to find. More than these tips and strategies prayer works. Tested and Proven. 

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. ~Proverbs 17:17~

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blame it on ME everyone!

On blaming and biases

"We take credit for any positive outcome, but blame failure on outside factors. When we win a computer game like DOTA, for example, it is because of our game dexterity. When we lose, it is because “who could get anywhere a better mouse and keyboard?” In a badminton match, winners usually take personal credit for the victory but blame their partners when they lose. When we get a low grade on an exam, we blame the test or the teacher."
 Every man is a good man in a bad world—as he himself knows.

Borrowing this illustration from my Clinical Instructor  in college: "A man once believed that he was dead. The psychiatrist had difficulty persuading him that he was not dead. No argument seemed to convince him. The doctor finally thought of an idea. He asked the man if he believed that dead men don’t bleed.

“Yes”, he replied. Then the doctor took the man’s arm and injected him to draw blood. When the man saw blood spurting into the syringe, he gasped, “My, dead men do bleed!”"

Our biases may not send us to the psychiatrist’s couch, but they elbow their way into relationships giving us the occasional ouch!

Experiments done in the field of social psychology disclose a self-serving bias in the way we perceive events and others as they relate to us. For example, “when compared with ourselves, most of us see our friends, neighbors, coworkers, and classmates in a sorry situation. They are weaker ethically, more intolerant, and less intelligent. We even think our peers are likely to die sooner than we are.

We take credit for any positive outcome, but blame failure on outside factors. When we win a computer game like DOTA, for example, it is because of our game dexterity. When we lose, it is because “who could get anywhere a better mouse and keyboard?” In a badminton match, winners usually take personal credit for the victory but blame their partners when they lose.When we get a low grade on an exam, we blame the test or the teacher.

When the surprise party we are expecting did not happen or when our invited friends did not come we usually blame the group, organizers and friends. We never consider the idea of asking ourselves why they did not come or why they never mind to give a gift? How do I relate with them? Am I being a good friend or a kind one who deserves their effort, time and love?

It seemed that people around us are all wrong. Our  school's management, church, workplace, leaders in this country etc. You are the only right person in the world.  We never realize that we have choices anyway, choice to follow the advice of our friend, parents, leaders or not, choice to be influenced by them in selecting a decision or follow our own convictions. So why blame them in the end?

Rationalizations and excuses are as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. From the highest office of the land to the lowliest abode, people take credit for any positive outcome, but blame failure on the weather, our partner, or former president GMA—following a tradition established by Adam and Eve when they first played the blame game.

Self-serving biases show up in our preferences, differences, prejudices, partiality, our leanings or choices. Truth is, the gamut of our perceptions and perspectives is contaminated by human pride. As William Saroyan put it: “Every man is a good man in a bad world—as he himself knows.” A person’s world crumbles and is complete disarray, but still manages to keep his pride intact.

How then can one keep a balanced, objective mind? I realized that trying to keep a balanced perspective is like attempting to walk a tightrope for the first time. What we need is to be honest with ourselves and “to walk humbly before God” (Micah 6:8). C.S. Lewis said that to acquire humility, the first step is to realize that one is proud.

May we not think of others upon reading this. May this lead us to introspection and  do some self awareness. 

Here’s practical advice from Lee Silber: “To keep a true perspective of yourself, you should have a dog that worships you and a cat that will ignore you!.”

Credits: Bible,CS Lewis, Google Images, Lee Silber, William Saroyan

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


"From heresy and spiritual abuse to a more cautious and firm broken tested man in ministry. From a confused faith to a purposive and Spirit lead convictions. From a destroyer of liberty and invader of privacy to a gracious free willed person who can keep confidence. From judgmental peers to mature freedom loving friends. From self righteous to God dependent. From overrated spirit of excellence to brokenness and relationship. From legalism to grace. From emotional and spiritual prison to freedom. From Tramz corner’s yesterday, today and tomorrow to an all new Tramz corner: LIBERTAD because freedom is free."

CHANGE is the only permanent thing in this earth. It brings about progress or regression, opportunities or loss. Change may come as a surprise, as a promotion or demotion; or providence, as job reinstatement after a legal infarction.
One thing that most of us don’t like about change is that we are likely not prepared when it transpires. Reverent Arnel Tan says: “Most of the time CHANGE doesn’t ask permission, it happens”

Change is constant in our life, but the main thing is, what is our response?
Reactions to change include resistance, reluctance, fear, and feeling of loss. John C. Maxwell says, “Resistance to change is universal. It seizes every generation by the throat and attempts to stop all forward movement toward progress”.

Why do these feedback crop up when changes occur?

  1. Change disrupts routine. Routinary activities become habits. Change forces us to think, reassess, and unlearn past behaviors.
  1. Change creates fear of the unknown. Change demands that we ask questions. As in nursing principle, “If in doubt, ask.”
  1. Change encourages fear of failure. We worry a lot when changes come because we fear that the change may lead us not to persevere and fail in the end.
  1. Change requires additional commitment. Change requires leadership to prioritize tasks, eliminate nonessentials, and focus on the consequences it brings. It intensifies one’s commitment or loosens one’s dedication.                                                                           
  1. Change provides an unclear purpose. Change is resisted when decision-makers failed to consult other’s opinions and disregarded their voices.

Presently, a lot of changes are taking place in my life marking a transition point in maturity as a human being, as a professional, and as a servant of the Lord. These changes encourage to a deeper commitment of being a better person what God wants me to be and of improving a quality of the output I prepare and produce.

Now as I write again, a lot of changes to share; from physically and emotionally drained to a stress free, recharged, replenished and soothed heart, body and soul. From heresy and spiritual abuse to a more cautious and firm broken tested man in ministry. From a confused faith to a purposive and Spirit lead convictions. From a destroyer of liberty and invader of privacy to a gracious free willed person who can keep confidence. From judgmental peers to mature freedom loving friends. From self righteous to God dependent. From overrated spirit of excellence to brokenness and relationship. From legalism to grace. From emotional and spiritual prison to freedom. From Tramz corner’s yesterday, today and tomorrow to an all new Tramz corner: LIBERTAD because freedom is free.

Rest assured that your satisfaction is my priority, your interest my concern, and your needs my devotion. I hope that the changes in my blog would renown the advancement of my services to you, my friend readers as I share a bit of my journey in life and thoughts with you as we all walk in the free way of grace.

For 22 years  traffic was never my problem but as I was heading home last week I was trapped in a heavy traffic because of a newly opened Mall near our village. My eye caught a snickered message emblazoned at a van's rear window. "We need not to fear the future, GOD is already there." My eyes gazed beyond the smog and din of traffic, far beyond the travails of puny men; into blue heaven, God reigns. He is in control, I mused. My face lightened up. Hope revisited. We can never ran away from changes. But if we look deeper these may God's way of molding us and to tell us not to stick on our own standards and rules. Let's enjoy God's grace. not our ways but His ways. Now, I've decided to follow the counsel of  one of the verses I learned and applied this year "Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Lord's Spirit is, there is freedom."-2 Corinthians 3:17-

Today , whatever CHANGES may come I pray to have that sensitivity, brokenness and LIBERTY to accept for a need to  a God driven change. Let us start this time with hope and freedom and share it with others. Above all, may all our endeavors rebound to the glory of God alone.

Credits: The Bible: The Message, Google images, Jmaxwell, DCBC Notes.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

M A N Y O N E: a simple call for unity

Reposting this article shared by a friend, Domenic Patricio Ruizo on this interesting and delicate subject called MANYONE a simple composition for unity. This made me think. What do you think?

MANYONE: a simple composition for unity

Red means
war. Blue means wisdom. Green means safety. Yellow means happy. But these things fall under one name—color.

Today, people are so divided by principles, ethics and faith and that cause them to reject others. Some people think that they are the only “right” in this world. Moreover, those people can’t easily accept the reality that there are many truths present in this planet. I am not saying that I believe in all CLAIMED truths. I still stand firmly in my faith but the difference is that I try to respect other’s way of seeing things.

It is sad to know that we are away from the very people we are with—away through opinions, interpretations, etc. The Bible is one of the most evident in this issue. The said book has many versions. Christian churches are numerous today and I believe that it is because of the different ways people understand the Holy Scripture. The sad fact is that one church tries to poison the other through one-sided or biased thinking. These churches are claiming that they are CHRISTIANS. Ironic, isn’t it?

However, in politics, there are people who don’t want to upkeep an elected official if that official is not the one they supported during the election. Yet these people want change for their country. Why can’t they just forget the election and move on with the majority’s choice? How will CHANGE be attained if they can’t apply it in simple things—change in the state of mind?

Yes, we can never erase the fact that we can never have one mind. But we can do something for us to live in unity as the bass, tenor, alto and soprano sing in a choir. Different voices in one harmonious and melodious song. Though we are many, we could be one. Let us be united. Let us be MANYONE!

He has his own notes at his Facebook Account: Dom's Notes

Let my prayer be:

Dear Lord, we acknowledge you, you are the composer, you are the author, you are also the conductor, and we also know that you have given us every instrument that we needed to play this life, to execute the music that you have placed in our hearts. We pray Lord God that you would mold us even more in this life so that at every moment that in everyday that you do we can be a sweet, sweet sound in your ears. We pray that the strings of our hearts will be in tune with yours, that every key speaks for freedom, love, peace and harmony. In Jesus name! Amen.

Credits: Yahoo images, Domenic Ruizo Facebook account.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

"...special day for the most special girl in my life."

Today is a special day for the most special girl in my life. One of the most beautiful gifts that God has ever gave me is the chance of being with her. I love her so much. Her birthday means so much to me, to have her in my life another year. The time I spent enfolded in her love. My comforter, my first teacher, my personal assistant, my adviser, my leader, my honey, my sweetheart, my friend. Each day, each moment with her is so dear. I cherish the very special bond we have. She lift my spirit in so many ways. I celebrate her life; I honor her, and send her my love and care. By the name of MARTINA Adiong. I celebrate the best thing about my life... having her as my mother. Yes, it's my mom's birthday today and you are all invited to come. To come to the throne of grace and PRAY for her. More strength, good health, spiritual growth, her intimacy with our Lord Almighty and for more birthdays to come. Thank you my prayerful friends...

Monday, November 1, 2010

“BYE-HELLO” Weekend Celebration”

"Finally, all of you should be of one mind. Sympathize with each other. Love each other as brothers and sisters. Be tenderhearted, and keep a humble attitude." -1Peter3:8-


Several people say that young people of today are like half –cooked bread: well-done on the outside, but sticky dough on the inside. They say that the young are not able to make important decisions, and if they to decide, are not capable of remaining firm in their decisions. They describe the young as happy-go-lucky, easily attracted to what is comfortable and enjoyable, but unable to commit them to a worthy cause.

However, nothing can compare with the enthusiasm and energy of young people. For us, the happening in life is not just dates on the calendar that come and go, soon to be forgotten. Rather, they are events that unfold before us, and involve all forces and energies. We want to undergo and experience them as fully as we can. We used to hike and roam anywhere else in an enjoyable spots in the city, dare to spend the night in a friend’s house sleeping over, chatting and shouting till we turn hoarse. We sit down with friends and enjoy foods with the appetite of growing young person. We order cones of ice cream that we lick and relish with delight. We take the microphone and sing the latest song on our videoke system with all our might.

We see this youthful touch also in our prayer. Young groups get involve in ministries, helps in the preparation and celebration of spiritual gatherings and discussions, attends services and prayer meetings, and leading people building and sharing their faith. In the midst of our young dreams and ambitions, the values of faith and prayer are progressively taking root in our hearts.

Together with other young adults all over the world, we are faced with the challenge and task of community building. We need to open our hearts to all kind of people, without putting labels on them or showing any discrimination. We must breakdown the barriers that separate us from one another and resolve the issues that cause division and conflict.

“BYE-HELLO weekend Celebration” was a gathering prepared by the SPOTLIGHTS, a free to all family of friendships. Birthed from prayer, this event was planned to mingle, commune, relate with friends and say hello to its new members and to send-off its humble prayer to a friend who is going to one more place for a time. It consists of two days, spent at El Magic Island Garden City of Samal. Through various activities, we undergo an intense experience of living together as young Christians, and come upon ourselves, the world, our friends, and God. About 25 of us was able to join, hoping to bond more with each other, make new memories and go through new experiences together.

The group arrived at the area at around 8:00 in the evening of October 30, 2010 . The place has a relaxing ambiance good for self-effacing spiritual and corporal events like this. Fascinating, unique, quaint are some of the adjectives I used to describe El Magic. Without a doubt, the incredible beach speaks for itself. Sometimes you can hear the swamp of the ocean, we may see a fish jump, a lazy sea-gull swoop down to investigate something interesting on a reef or find a special shell and you realize that there is not that much important to bother you ever. To our exhaustion from the travel and hunger, without delay we started the whole thing by having our meek yet luscious dinner. After an hour, was the program proper with the ever energetic, smart, with a lot of chemistry duo Ralph and Rey Ann as emcees. Arian led us in our opening prayer followed by a welcome address by Jabie and me, with a special participation of our friend Lemuel who is now in Manila. Praise and worship follow; then, the meat of the occasion was Earl’s presentation of a heartwarming and timely word of God. It was apparent that the Holy Spirit was present and the group was refilled and soaked with the attendance of our Almighty God. There we realized to end up normality, to identify and expose our red lizards, to be aware of our vision that God planned for us and to surrender everything to Him especially in times we thought we can do it on our own. Furthermore, Jonathan and Renmart took charge in facilitating us with a lot of enjoyable, hilarious, voice draining and energy guzzling fun and games that was designed to help us to be entertained, get to know each other more and to solidify the flock of camaraderie. Tokens and prizes were given to everyone afterwards as a consolation and souvenirs.

Who would dare to forget one of the best parts of the event were the spotlight’s boys and the spotlights girls’ song and dance production number. People didn’t cease shouting, screaming and yelling when the gifted, good-looking and talented spotlights showcased their charming and graceful the-moves. After the activities, friends were also got the chance to go on swimming, do seashore hiking, built their tents and have rest inside.

Before, our primary concern was comfort and security. In a word, we were SELF. Now is our chance to break free of this selfishness. The group we form and the friendship we establish confirm our desire for companionship. We even feel the stirrings of love within us. Being in the intimacy versus isolation stage per se, we sometimes feel attracted to someone we admire. Our heart beat a bit faster when in the company of certain people, and our faces starts to blush. But the value of solidarity urges us to expand the boundaries of our love, so that we may embrace the whole world and build a wonderful friendship and we say thank you for Godly counsels from prayerful friends.

We were caught up in the flow of God orchestrated activities, and gain in a deeper knowledge of ourselves and of one another. We learned to appreciate and affirmed one another. We discover the meaning of love on the context of Christian community, in depths of our hearts; we meet God who reassures us of his unending love. For us, that experience leads us to a genuine commitment of self, in the service of God and one another. It sets us afire with a clear vision of a family in which people love and care for one another without asking something in return, and strive to live the ideals of service and solidarity. Though we may not be together forever, people come and go. But it’s not about the first day you say hello or the moment you bid farewell, but it is in the dash in between that the spot in our hearts is formed, saying that once in our life we have been in a loving, prayerful and joyful group of friends that the memory stays forever and would always look forward to be meeting again in God’s perfect time. “Bye-Hello” Spotlights! I Love you.

"And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near." -Hebrews 10:25-