Sunday, October 3, 2010


By: Rev. Arnel Tan

“And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men” -Colossians 3:23 KJV-

Unemployment is not just an economic issue it is also about character issue. God is so involved in your work. In the strictest sense of the word He is the real One who hires and fires. If you are employed today consider this instruction of Paul. By the way this instruction is addressed not to the general crowd but only to those who have found their new life in Christ. If you are unemployed today consider this as a spiritual preparation now so when the Lord grants you your work, you will excel for God’s glory!

The word “whatever” suggest that all kinds of work that does not violate the standards of God is acceptable to the Lord. Whether you are a plumber, a CEO, an inventor or etc, God desires to walk with you in your routine. Believe it with all of your heart it does make a difference when you dedicate your work to God. Living the new life in the work place is our worship to God too. It means do it heartily! Christ like excellence is not being the best but doing your very best availing of God’s strength. Remember that the reward of man is second it is God’s reward that is lasting. Man’s reward is short live and will soon be caught in the cob webs of boredom and performance. God’s reward is lasting it makes you depend more to the Lord than your self.

Work is an extension of worship but be warned not to worship your work! God rested on the seventh day, shouldn’t we rest too? To become workaholics makes us people who depends on our work instead of God. This is also another form of PRIDE. Ministers are not exempted for there is not difference between secular work and ministry work when it comes to making it acceptable to God. It is not accident that you are in the work God gave you especially if you sought God in fervent prayer. It is also a wise advise that you consistently seek God and listen to His voice as you pray and study His words, diligently discerning if God still want you to stay in your work now. If He says God adjust your sail to the direction He leads you. Remember it is impossible to please God with out faith.

Lastly don’t forget the Paul’s words that work is done excellently not unto men but unto the Lord. So wherever your company assigns you don’t look at the position or the power along with it rather look to Jesus the One who walks with you in your work place. Start your day with a quiet prayer that you may learn to be wise as you seek God. Leave your work with a thankful heart and again in prayer commit yourself to God that you may not come home an angry person. Enjoy your work today for your security is in the Lord of the work!

Credits: Rev. Arnel Tan; Lunchbreak Devotional, Google Image


Anonymous said...

i was hoping that i can read your insight too... but this is very helpful, especially now that im facing crisis, career wise.

thanks mart!

dubai, uae

TRAMZ said...

Thanks for taking time reading Kuya. See you soon. Praying for you. God bless. :-)