Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Last night my friend Jhon and Philip had some altercation about having a lot of money. The prior was like saying the gain of being a millionaire and the latter was like contrasting. I was just a little silent but on my mind runs a lot of thought.
I think money itself is not evil. It becomes evil only the moment we love it more than ourselves and be slave of it. Many people forget God because of material prosperity in life. When this happens wealth can be a curse rather than a blessing.

Having a large amount of money can be a problem if not handled wisely. It can bring discomfort instead of comfort, fear instead of security. To be given an opportunity to become a millionaire is a great blessing. But, we must be aware of some of temptations that the world may offer. The bible says the devil is like a roaring lion always looking for someone to devour. We must be wise and careful that we may not fall into trap of the devil. I believe that God wants His children to prosper in every area of their lives and to experience and enjoy it to the fullest. BECAUSE LOVING GOD IS SO MUCH FUN!

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