Thursday, February 8, 2007


With the price of education increases, along with the costs of basic commodities, education has become a privilege accorded only to the elite whose parents are financially capable of subsidizing their children’s stay in college.This circumstance reflects the dilemma of students every year. We have observed a lot of rapidly ended dreams brought about by tuition fee increases, poverty and other untoward state of affairs caused by various factors beyond our control. On the other hand, what if, despite the increased costs of education, the quality of such remains poorer to pre-determined standards of higher learning? What happened if the students feel shortchanged? What happens when quality of education is compromised?

Last Friday when I was waiting for a jeepney to school a neighbor of mine who goes to same school called me and said “ sabay nalang ta, kay magtaxi man ko”. Of course without any hesitation I relplied “ sige ba, basta ikaw bayad hehehe”. When we were on our way mounting in a taxi she picked up her cellphone from her bag and called up one of her classmate. The conversations were obviously needless things. My soliloquy said “ tibaya oi! Tawag2x lng man! Ako wa man gain pampalit ug cp hehehe”. When we reached the school, I just needed to run to another building since her class was in the main building and mine was supposed to be in the oncology building. When I was on my halfway, I saw handful of my classmates walking toward me. “ Sa main nadaw atong classroom” said one of them. To my surprise I said “ unsa naman puy drama aning DDc huh?!” On that moment, I knew that all classes were transferred to fully air-conditioned rooms. Of course with that I was pleased, but when we reached the building a huge banner surprised me “ 10% Tuition Fee Increase”….Can we really say we are getting our money’s worth? We know our jaws dropped when we realized we had to pay more than thirty five thousand pesos for a semester alone. This does not include whatever additional miscellaneous fees we also have to pay whenever we are assigned to out based locations. I mean air-conditioned rooms cannot suffice students need for a better learning. Instead of purchasing a state of the arts personal computers ( flat screen nasad among pc sa lib huh!,) aircons etc. I’m not saying not to upgrade facilities but I have just seen that there are other aspect of learning that needs to be given attention than that. Why won’t they focus on their teaching system and on hiring competent clinical instructors to achieve school’s VMG as making students globally competitive, research oriented and etc. I mean, it has been already understood that clinical instructors are not trained as teachers, thus what to be expected of an education degree holder is not to be expected from nurses who just happened to be imparting their knowledge and skills to aspiring nurses. But then again, this should not be made as a legitimate excuse for them to consistently fall short of pre determined learning standard. But, in fairness the're still CI's who are very good which I can only count with my single hand!

My resentment exacerbate when last Monday our whole class had the self-awareness activities in the sky gymnasium. Never mind the expected warm place since it was a clammy day. What made me irritated was that when we reached the place a fuckin heck of rusty busted obsolete chairs dumbfounded us. Before you can seat an extensive clean up will be your foremost task! My gush! Do we deserve these heck!?? Hence, I am shouting out for a GLOBALLY COMPETETIVE TEACHERS and an OKAY CHAIRS Yun lanG! And if you can not give it mmhhh!

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