Sunday, February 4, 2007


(from left to right: Uncle dodong, kenjay, ai2x, dai2x, Odlazer)

Like most Filipino families, ADLAWAN clan is fond of celebrating. Any little occasion calls for a festivity, birthdays, christenings, graduations, weddings, arrival from out of the city and all kinds of anniversary. Different occasions call for various ways of celebrating. But there are certain elements always present, the happy and festive atmosphere expressed through unity. The big voice of uncle Largo, the funny jokes of uncle Undoy, the dance sessions of Ai2x and Dai2x, ang mga naglalarong pamangkin, umiiyak na bata, ang puto at kutchinta ni aunt Gloria, ang luto ni Martina, ang lechon ni aunt Cecil, ang videoke sa taga toril, ang billaran sa ulas, ang mga madadramang tagpo sa mga alam mo na,at mga bagong tsismis doon(hehe), the loud mouth of nanay bebing stating " Tama na nana! kay manguli nata kay sayo pami mangabri ugma!" and the sarcastic reply of my beloved Father saying " ahh! unya na sayo pa bitaw wa pa nakuha ang hiittteer!.Hay! naku!?) Each of these makes the celebration memorable. There are always some hassles, but all these are put aside during celebration time.
Even though were on an immense crisis nowadays the food and drinks are an important part of any celebration. They will never be left out, one will make sure saving a little to serve something. For big celebrations, we will go through great lengths to prepare the best, and to make sure that the dining table is overflowing with all kinds of food, simple yet scrumptious. However, behind those foods and etc. with the most of my uncles as well as my father they only need chair, table and a deck of card to have a ball! and they will now play “tong its” like there’s now tomorrow (hehehe)…… Anyway, Please check some pictures of ours during one of our gatherings.

(GRADUATED Wilson, me, Palen)


halo halong bisita!


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