Sunday, February 11, 2007

…..” That’s the problem of you, young generations of today! You lack moral values….” : MIGO

Last week, I was with my comrade Esmael and Myra. We were taking our ride in a rustic multicab going back home when it stopped along bankerohan (again?!) and all of a sudden an old fashioned aged man who is never without an outmoded fedora, an attaché case, a long cane and a 70’s looking apparel yelled “ MOVE! MOVE MOVE!” . He was pertaining to the woman who was seated at the latter part of the vehicle. I observed that the woman didn’t mind the old man for a longer time but eventually moved to her annoyance. The old man kept on blathering “ Don’t you underestimate me! Because I’m old already? You are underestimating me?......” My companions and I whispered to each other talking about what was going on
“ tubaga Esnael para mutolo ang dugo sa ilong hehehe” , when the man shouted “ Hey! I am talking here and you keep on murmuring there?! You are going to school but you are acting like an uneducated one? mga mal educado!.......” Of course, we were shocked and had nothing done but silence. We never thought that he could hear our undertone whispers. He was still having his homily when two young ladies discreetly leaped in the jeepney and took their seats. Surprisingly, the old man didn’t give them an escape of his sermon “ Why won’t you be courteous enough to say Hi Sir! Hi mad’am! Good evening……..” That’s the problem of you young generations of today! You lack moral values….” The two ladies haven’t done anything but quiet. When we were about to reach San Pedro Church the old man observed that the jeepney was not passing to its right route as what he was expecting. “ Dila pala to R Castillo?! Kasi akalo ko R. Castillo to eh! Baba mo nalang ako jan sa may eskena! He told the driver. The vehicle continued its motion “ You do not understand eskena? Huh! The old man shouted …………..” All passengers screamed “ ilugar lang dira kay munaog na siya” until the jeepeney ceased its movement and the old man was about to step down “ agi ake agi ake ache ache che” he speeched and he was finally out of our sight. At last haaayyy!!!! All passengers celebrated yeheheheehyy!!! Clap clap clap! One passenger knew him and revealed that the man is a psychotic one. Mmmhhh!!” kaya pla” we uttered.

I guess that incident served as a preparation for us because next week we will gonna have our psychiatric nursing exposure(heheeh) and of course we will be handling patients with different mental problems. At least we already had a foretaste on our future patients huh! Hehehe. .. But in fairness, despite the old man’s redundant speeches all he was saying was never nonsense. He got points , very valid points.! It served as an eye-opener for everyone to give respect to older people specially in public places, to show pure filipino ethics and upbringings.

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IVO said...

epistaxis ko diong...hehehe..btaw sabta nlng xa MIGO ha kay kamukamo ra...hehehe