Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Five of the biggest news in the country happened this month: The push for Charter-Change, Super Typhoon Reming, the Subic Rape Case Decision, Appointment of the new Chief Justice and the opening of the 2006 Doha Asean Games.

The push for Charter-Change

“Dinuduraan ni JDV ang mukha ng taong bayan. Tinatadyakan ang Saligang Batas, pinapatay ang diwa ng Saligang Batas. Kung may mahalay pa sa salitang bastos wala na akong maisip pa!” Qouting from ABANTE-TONITE, which is a manifestation of what and how the House of Representatives are doing their their best to have our nation to overhaul itself. Two days of marathon session just for one resolution, and they’re doing it again tonight, I’ll not be surprised if a majority of those congressman votes wrongly.

Change is not bad, especially if it aims for good. I’m not against the Parliamentary System - actually, I considered myself a supporter of the Cha-Cha, but after seeing how Congress is forcing the change, and railroading the procedure, I’m now a member of the opposition.Opposition, labor sectors, and activist have always pronounced their outraged attitude against Charter-Change. El Shaddai and C.B.C.P. have reacted so far, in addition to Senate’s brave attempts to stop the Cha-Cha without them.

Actually there are two blocks that the Congress needs to overstep: Supreme Court, and the Filipino People. Good thing though, Supreme Court had already revealed its own claws after it had stopped the People’s Initiative.

Another from inq7: Filipinos are widely opposing this pre-emptive assault of the Majority in the House. A survey was held last November, and 7 out of 10 Filipinos dont want a charter-change. And I would be voting a big NO! when a plebiscite is held in May or November next year.

Anyway, I wonder how things going to turn out.

Super Typhoon Reming

The Congress is talking about Charter-Change when a thousand people have died, another thousand are hurt and another thousand are missing. So what’s the whole crap Congress is making? Evrybody’s question, that is.

Reming is the strongest typhoon that hit the country this year, after Milenyo last October. And another typhoon is expected to arrive in the country. And everybody hoped that it isn’t as strong as Milenyo and Reming.

Again, the Bicol Region is the most davastated. Kawawa naman sila, lagi silang naaapektuhan ng mga kalamidad sa bansa.

The Decision over the Subic Rape Case


L/CPL Daniel Smith was found guilty of rape of “Nicole”. And his three other comrades have escaped the claws of justice. Anyway, the decision is fair enough.

I hope it severes the US-RP relations. (I’m being an activist here, hahaha!) Seriously, even if the US embassy or the DFA says it will not interfere with the two country’s relations, they’re wrong. Ang lamat ay lamat na, kahit anong gawin nila, hindi nila maibabalik ang kagandahan ng salamin.

Anyway, Smith’s going to get out of the prison when he’s 60.

New Chief Justice

NEW Chief Justice Reynato Puno has rejected claims that the administration gained an ally on the issue of constitutional reforms when President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo appointed him to the post, and said that no one had him figured out at this point.

When I woke up this morning, I was surprised to know that we already had a new Chief Justice. And it happened December 7, at exactly 12:00 midnight, habang tulog ang buong bansa.

Sabi nga sa Unang Hirit, lahat ng mahahalagang pangyayari sa panahon ni GMA ay nangyayari sa madaling araw, like yung nanumpa si GMA noong EDSA II, at nung pinasumpa si fmr. CJ Panganiban. Anyway, the point is, nagtratrabaho si GMA hanggang umaga.

Another, I am dissapointed when the JBC didn’t recommend Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago. I’d like her to be the Chief Justice, she’s so damn intellegent.

2006 Doha Asean Games

As I have posted last Wednesday, the Philippine Delegation still has no gold to be proud of. I’ve read from one blog commenting:



Really, I’m not surpised too. I was more surpised when we got 140+ golds in the SEA Game. But it hurts everytime I we still got no gold medal.

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