Tuesday, December 19, 2006


From left to right (standing: Biboy= Ang brains ng barkada, Mart= no comment, Bobet = the narcistic guy sitting: Jun2x=The master barely, Carlo ang Tangero )

hahaha!!! nakakahiya ang mga LARAWAN!!! tsktsktskk... Well, Anyway since its christmas season and i have nothing to do here, nakakita na naman ako ng mapagdidiskitahan... BORING dito sa bahay!hahahaay! I have just browsed my pc and scanned over my old pictures on my picture files and I was captivated with couple of pix and this is one of those. This was taken during our JS prom haha! disgusting ang larawan! tsktsktsk! I have just reminisced my high school years. And the greatest lessons I have learned in my life, I have learned the hard way. High school life was no exception. I have learned a lesson in love, work ethics, faith, trust and especially friendship in all my four years in secondary education, which I will never forget. High School days were over. Gone are the days when these five windows of hope were hanging out anywhere. School canteen, CYO gym, oval, G-mall, Sir sobrecary’s room, internet caf├ęs, HCDC library and along the streets of Davao City. These were the place were the NERDS used to stay. Yes, NERDS! We were the so-called nerds. I really don’t know why!? But perhaps because we were the once who always top during quizzes and exams in our section. (Char lang! hehehe). They thought we were always studying but, little did they know we’re just SMART ONE’S (huhaa) or let say we were the more dedicated brilliant students among others ( huuhaa napud tskktskktskk) So much for that delusion anyway! (hahaha) We used to fantasize ourselves seeing each other in Illinois, driving our own car and a lot of majestic imaginations. Now, it is sad to note that graduation came, after years of hard-earned friendship and all alliances, time came for us to part ways. However, our friendship did not end their, we still afford to keep in touch. In fact, we always have our escapades and adventures during sem breaks and sometimes watch movies and play computer games when our busy schedules meet. Now, I’m a 3rd year nursing student together with Jun2x and Cyril in the same college. Biboy is in SPC . Carlo has an English major degree in USEP.

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