Thursday, December 21, 2006


NOTE: Since it is your special day I'll be a little bit serious this time! No teasing and all. (hehehehe)


I was about to turn in when suddenly my cell phone rang. It’s exactly 12:00 midnight of the twenty first day of the month. I intended to set my alarm on this very moment for, I would like to be the first one not just to greet you but to thank God that way back 19 years ago at this day He created one of the most wonderful creation He ever gave me, and it was certainly you my dear. Always remember that your birth on earth is not all about you. You have a purpose that is greatly far than your personal discharge. It’s not about your accomplishments and achievements nor your happiness. It’s far greater than your ambitions and dreams and even your family and love ones. As what the bible said : For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invinsible,… everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him. Always start with God.

So I’m wishing you today a “Happy Birthday” and may the sunbeams of good cheer outshine on you all year through, and bring you more bliss that could possibly come true. I would like to use this chance to express thanks for being my very special friend. I know it’s pretty cheesy but thank you for being always there for me and being such a caring and nice friend. I hope you’ll never change, stay as witty, delightful and naturally brilliant scintillating as you. We’ve been together for a sem or two but from that little time I learned so many things that I will never forget for my whole existence. I’m looking forward that this friendship will last a lifetime. I promise to treasure every moment that we have and we will have. You scarcely find me in serious mode but all I’m telling you now is with utmost sincerity.
Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY babe!...not in the city! ( ai churi2x)

Birthday bouquets,

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sweet kaayo mo ba! hehehe