Tuesday, December 19, 2006


( from left to right: Cyril= The walking thesaurus, Gringo= The actor, Morry = Ang model sa 24/7, Niccole = Ang deanslister, Aimae = Ang deanslister pud! Atik lang!, Mart= No comment napud!)

After high school, here comes college. I can say that my years in college was considered to be thrilling, enjoyable, exciting and of course full of adventures. And it was because of these guys. At first, we were only four in the group Morry, Gringo, Cyril and I. Together we play computer games(counter strike days), go night swimming(samal escapeds), night lifes’( choli2x) and others are confidential. (hehehehe) However, from four we became six. Niccole came around. She acted like our parent, (hehehe) reminds us with our school works as projects, quizess, exams etc. (or let say kopyahanay days tsktsktsk). Eventually, the Major in English Aimae came. She becomes our clown, comedian, joker, and entertainer. (IMAANG!) Nothing can compare with the enthusiasm and energy of the group. Together we shared stories, problems and advices. Through thick and thin, we faced life. For us the happenings in life are not just dates on the calendar that come and go, soon to be forgotten. Rather, they are events that unfold before us, and involve all our forces and energies. That time we wanted to experience college and undergo them as full as we can. But, it is inevitable that one needs to go and continue living in his own. Now we might not see each other that often as before but as on a text message I have read, “True bonding is not measured by the time spent together or the favors done for each other but by the comfort, you find when you realize you have each other”. And I think that’s one great feature of having true friends. (nakahilak nakog popcorn!)

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ako c esmael c adiong ning hilak sa self-awareness