Monday, December 18, 2006


From left to right: standing: Cyril= the supercalifragilisticespialidousious”,
Jc = “ I think you love HIM SOUUCH?!, Michael = ang sayo natulog kay nasumbagan ni direk pasensya kay baby ni sa ilang balay kay Attention deficit hyperactivity Syndrome victim man gud xa, Mart= “directed by”, Niccloe = “ the journey has begun”, Gringo= ang pacute nga waiter, sitting: hervey= ang heartthrob na bida kuno ,kristyl “ Ang sexing bida kuno, Marcus= Ang nagdalag timbangan, Aimae= Ang nahadlok sa wedding dress and Christine at the center = “ the nerve!”)

“Once there were individuals who made their way to college. It is said that birds with the same feathers flock together. And because of a common factor these individuals group together and join forces. So seatback and relax as TALENTS, GOODLOOKS and BRAINS continues……….” ( sounds familiar??!) Yes, talents, good looks and brains these three things were our common qualities. Like hydrogen and ions, we were destined to be bonded by these apparent factors present within ourselves (hhuuhhaa). That picture was taken as our billing for our literature filmmaking. And because our teacher permitted us to choose our own group, we never think twice to be together. I can still remember when we had our first taping day. After a long months of waiting and preparations all were very excited. Things were also very ready. Camera, costumes, makes ups, foods etc. We climbed at Shrines Hills and had some scenes taken. After a couple of takes, it was about eight in the evening when all of us were very eager to view the scenes. I turned the camera on pushed the button and CHAAARAANNG!!!! we learned that the camera we used was defective. GRRRRRRR!!!! We tend to transfer to another location to fix the video camera and continue our scenes. However, it was already late night when we reached the place. So things were packed up. On the next taping day, everything went smoothly. Although there were some problems but I successfully fixed it up. After school we immediately went to our location and had things taken. From six o’clock’ pm to six o’clock am that’s the length of our shooting. I’m sure you can’t wait to see it. So I will never obstruct your privilege to watch a word class film. And get hook with the wacky, hilarious yet naughty gang of BLUSANG ITIM THE FULL EDITION!

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