Monday, December 18, 2006


(from left to right: Paolo= ang taekwando player na sumpungin toremotoremotoremochacha!, Ivo= Ang super humble na salutatorian sa ilang bukid, Sosan= ang regional winner sa science quiz bee, PowerPoint champion, honor student, deanslister, top 1 ug sa dihang kulang ang space, Ella= Si insan Miss truly, madly, crazily inlove ! MARK MY WORD!, Mart= Sorry WALA! Lugi mo! Why won’t you post on your own blog para makabalos hahaaha)

I can’t imagine how I made it through the storms, how I made it through those distress brought by the nursing profession (tsktsk) and through those trials, which I faced all the way through my prime years in college. I am so happy that as of now I have made it. Thanks for four people who adopted me from nowhere. They have helped me to be a better person emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually and socially. ( mura mag meaning sa health hehehe) This time these fellas are more serious and more devoted type of person. No beaches, no movies, no autoshops , no drinking, no computer games just library(naghimog kodigs! Hehehe), books and books. That is why people used to call us the table of contents. One some of our classmates noticed us when together we ate in a table talking about books and some school related stuffs. Honestlly, in this group I learned so many things since I am the youngest hence they taught me how to be more mature in doing things and handling situations. Thank you guys!

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