Friday, November 24, 2006


thank you!
I just wanna share this to you.... It is a poem composed by my friend named ELLA KRISSAN ARBOLEDA for her x.....

I may call it fate or destiny perhaps
You were once disguised to be rude and cold
I never thought of having this moment spend with you
You’ve done amazing things for me that no one had ever did
You touched my life in ways that overwhelms me
With you I realize that fairy tales do exixt
A spell was cast and blossomed something within
And yet, still I hesitate to express what I feel
For I’m blankeketed with fear
You’ve became a part of me
A chapter in my journey
Memories I promise to treasure
You’re a blessing I want to keep
I’m in bliss with your presence
I hope to grasp the courage to make you feel how thankful I am
I don’t want to hold on in any promises for I scare change
I thank thee for sending you to me
Life has been kind for I was given the
Chance to know you.Thank you

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