Saturday, November 25, 2006


Nov. 23! birthday of my cousin, and because he is my beloved cousin who is very special to me, the one who empties my ink and messess my room(hehehe). Honestly the guy who I consider to be my KUYA since birth, So, I will not think twice to make some post about him.
I will start with my birthday messsage and it goes something like this:

Hi kuya! its your Birthday once again! It feels different when your on your 20’s now. isn't it? as in INTIMACY vs. ISOLATION stage as eric ericson's psychosocial theory per se.
You have just celebrated your 23rd year with simple treat to all ADLWAN clan and with your chosen friends as well. I know your quite disapponted because your greatest birthday wish wasn't granted and we both know what was that. (nihilak paman gani ka sabay tanaw sa pictures: hehehe... walang laglagan this time)

And here's my wishes for you:

1. Graduate from College (sa accounting and with a Silver Medal - for Cum Laude, if possible!)
Get a job in a decent company (with a decent pay)

2. Stop being hypochondriac (ayaw ka epistaxis, pangitag dictionary)

3. HAve a big body . ( as JHON SENA, BATISTA or pakyaw) and lastly

4. Practice monogamy (hehe atik lang)

That’s all for now! I’ve said my piece about his birthday. I hope I can upload some of our pics last night duringhis birthday celebration, and post it here. Just wait for that folks....

For the meantime just watch my masterpiece!

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