Thursday, November 23, 2006


34 days to go! PASKO NA!
Although its quite cliche to say but Christmas is the time for giving, time for love and time for forgiveness.(take note forgiveness: hehehe) It is Jesus’ birth, so we must cherish it. It is not about gifts, foods, decorations, christmas trees and other holiday-related things
To tell you the truth, I dont really fancy Christmas. Why? Kasi konti lang kami sa bahay, 3 na tao lang, kaya malungkot ang pasko namin… Kain lang, tapos, tulog na. Well, that is our routine, … PArang wala lang like just any oher occassions, unlike when i was younger I used to join christmas parties and all.And with the fact that firecarackers are already restricted here in Davao City. I'm not saying I'm against this policy, it is just that I missed those times when my friends and I were making fun with firecrackers kahit sparklers lang.hehe! But life must move on, so as they say, tuloy na tuloy pa din ang Pasko.
And speaking “tuloy na tuloy pa din ang Pasko”… Yes… tuloy na tuloy ang Pasko sa ABS-CBN with their newest station ID “Angat ang Ligaya ng Pasko”.
here you can view it:

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