Tuesday, March 24, 2009


"I appreciated that what matters in life more than anything is the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. This is the great purpose in man’s existence. We eat to live and not live to eat. We live not for thing. Not for the complexity of living." - MART--

I’m but a simple creation of HIM. A very typical ordinary person. I am the only child in the family so I tend to get everything what I want. What I want is what I get! People tagged me as a spoiled brat when I was little. But, despite my parent’s hard work to offer me what I want I can still managed to be insensitive and being rude to them.

Before, my relationship with God is not that strong. I feel that I am a Christian but I don’t actuate what a real Christian does. I am just like any ordinary youth who is all about laughter and fun. I will do about anything to make someone enjoy. Even if that means me making a total fool out of myself or to others. I try not to care what people think about me or what people feel so I try to let things just roll off my back. I'm pretty laid back and like to go with the flow.

Living today is complicated. Many things clutter up our lives and tie us down. I desire everyone to have fun to the extent of engaging to any worldly pleasure. Alcohol, pornography and material possessions. Sometimes when you’re young you’re in love, you’re impulsive, and you do crazy things. You hurt people specially those who are so close to you, you easily get weak and frail without God.

At some point in my existence, I was so puzzled about my footpath. Though I had everything I want, I still felt empty, unfilled, alone, don’t know where I am heading. I asked God for a direction. Until God makes the youth reload happen in my life.

But He involves human beings whenever He can. That’s just how He works. I met my spiritual father and cell group. I joined open cell every week. But at first, I was not that submissive to my leader. Sometimes, I am not honest, I tell lies but throughout the process I gradually changed. Open cell molds me to be spiritually mature. One thing that stroked me most was when I was taught with the law. It made me realized who I am. I subjected myself in the process, started my pre encounter class and joined the encounter.

Joining the encounter was the most unforgettable experience. I recognized God more deeply, embraced Him, and of course receive direction and understand God’s true purpose for my life. I appreciated my mother and father more. That’s the time I received the Holy Spirit. I was renewed and offered my whole being to God and to be an instrument for His works. I gave up myself and gave up my heart for Him. For years I’ve searched for happiness and now the search ends here... because you are my happiness, the missing part of my whole. and now that you’re here, mine to keep, ill never ever let you go. Oh! God thank you! I’m yours. I appreciated that what matters in life more than anything is the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. This is the great purpose in man’s existence. We eat to live and not live to eat. We live not for thing. Not for the complexity of living. We celebrate life as God intended it to be in the first place. We were made to serve Him for He alone is the source of true happiness, security and contentment.

Christ would have us make first things first, and assures us that things of lesser importance and value will be supplied to each according to His or her need. Now I can trust God enough for my life to simply and solely for Him.

If we truly serve and trust God a bonus of great blessings will surely draw closer to us. Just last 2008 at 19 years old I graduated college with my bachelor degree and on the same year took the NLE exam. During my review days, a lot of struggles came. Family, friends, and financial problems that tried to cease me. But I remained firm and steadfast all for the Glory of GOD. When I got the board exam result I was so grateful knowing that I passed and a bonus rating of more than what I asked for. Today at 20 years old with God’s grace I am now a registered nurse. What I am trying to say is that, with HIM nothing is really impossible.

If you got abundant blessings of course you never want to fail sharing it to everyone. After the encounter, with my spiritual father, I aimed to have five cell mates within two months in accordance of our vision which is wining souls and making disciples but just five days after the encounter God bestowed me the life of my five greatest blessings. Today as I am continuing my process in the post encounter and hopefully towards the school of leaders. I feel so blessed having everything I have and following our vision which is multiplication of spirit empowered leaders serving as agent of change into our community and into the nations of the world.

So I am calling all the youth of today, let us together help each other to build a new transformation in this slowly deteriorating world making GOD the center of our lives.

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