Saturday, August 2, 2008

To TOP or to PASS!

This post may be my last post for a longer time. I won't be closing this blog but I will just be away for about five months. Since I have just graduated from the nursing course I need to take the board exam for nurses to have my license and to become a real Registered Nurse. Since my parents don't have dutch for now to send me to the most prominent review centers in town as of the moment I'm busy reviewing my notes and all the review materials I've got from friends. Maybe I'll be in a review center for final coaching on September. Reviewing for a major exam is not easy. It requires patience, perseverance, and courage.
Folks, friends and love ones, and to all people who believe in me I am asking for your most sincere prayers. I know I can do it If I really deserve to have it. Though I'm a little bit unsure if I, myself deserves success but I'm doing it for my parents as they deserve victory more than I do. And of course all for God's glory. Let my goal be! to TOP or to PASS! Go! Go! GO! Mart! Armand! tira2x! Godbless to me!

Let me leave you with this helpful article from a friend.

5 Ways to Reduce Nursing Stress
The strain of nursing school may end when you pass your certification, but the career itself holds many stressful moments. Nurses constantly deal with the pressures of helping the ill, working long hours and possibly being exposed to harmful diseases. However, the benefits greatly outweigh the negatives. In order to keep your nursing career in perspective, use the following tips to relieve your stress.

Sleep When You Can – One of the greatest contributions to nursing stress is the demanding and erratic work schedule. Although you may be tempted to enjoy some "me" time when you're away from work, don't overdo it. You need to sleep whenever you get the opportunity.
Get Organized – From tidying up your workstation to maintaining a professional calendar, you will feel better when you become more organized. Every day in nursing is unpredictable, after all, so you need to have some constants in your office life.

Always Be the First to Smile – Whenever you smile or laugh, your brain releases endorphins that make you happier and relieve your stress. Always be the first to smile at your patients, your co-workers and anyone else you encounter at work.

Bring a Piece of Home to Work – An easy way to help you get through the day is by keeping a special memento close to you at work. A picture of a loved one on the desk is a favorite choice.

Remind Yourself Why You Became a Nurse - Even the most stressed out nurse loves his or her job a majority of the time. Whenever you find yourself having a bad day at work, take a deep breath and remind yourself why you are there. You obviously had a calling to do this, so don't lose touch with that feeling.

Nursing is a selfless career that can be extremely thankless at times. However, you didn't choose this career for the accolades. Rather, you wanted to help people. While you are embarking on this mission of helping people each day, don't forget to do the same for yourself. Sometimes, it is the nurse who needs a helping hand and your patients will certainly benefit more when you aren't terribly stressed out.

credits: 5 Ways to Reduce Nursing Stress by Heather Johnson(

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