Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Before we stride the aisle and bid farewell to our soon to be Alma matter, our final term was consumed merely by a seminar. Not just as if any other usual seminar but a colloquium conducted by us students. Each group from our class must organize two seminars with a given topic by our instructor. We must put in order everything from the physical set-up, certificates, to the letters, speaker etc. As a leader of our team, I can say that it was not truly an easy venture for all of us. We were so busy, that our whole time was all focused to the preparations. So many sleepless nights took place, plus the hardship of time management because of other responsibilities like hospital duties, OR/DR cases and of course with our personal lives. However, all of those were entirely disregarded as everyone commended us after our seminar. Clinical instructors, supervisors, fellow students were saying good things about how we conducted the said project. It really pays to do well in everything you do.!
Anyway let me show you some evidences of the said events.

“A Pragmatic View of jean Watson’s Caring theory”
with special guest speaker

by: Mart Armand Adiong

“ With Great power comes great responsibility” quoted from the Spiderman motion picture. So as a team leader, I was tasked to organize and supervise the group. It was indeed a privilege to me to act out with this role. Together with my groupmates we had battled the pressures, the hard to meet submissions of paper works as preparation for the seminar and as well as the emotional twists just to come up with this endeavor. A juncture from now you will be able to witness the Pragmatic View of Jean Watson’s Caring Theory. Specifically to…(objectives)... So Clinical Instructors, supervisors, fellow students, guests ladies and gentlemen I will not take this speech so long, as to reap the harvest of our struggle. I now officially open “ Caring – Cary A Seminar on “ A Pragmatic View of Jean Watson’s Caring Theory”. Good morning!


“Because a part can never be well unless the whole is well”
with special guest speaker LINELL G. MALIMBAG, RN, MAN, pHD.

by: Mart Armand A. Adiong

“A DREAM COME TRUE” that is how I describe this seminar. Since our last seminar was undeniably a great success, it is very hard to beat or even level with the victory of the first one. Of course, more pressures in our part. However, we still did our best with all our might to lift this seminar. A lot of brainstorming happened. Then we wanted it to be more creative and different from the first one but still have the blotch of our group, an informative and quality seminar. So, what is the best way to do that is to have the finest speaker. And we thought of only one person who could suffice our mind's eye but to have non other than our college dean Linell G. Malimbag, RN, MAN, PhD as our speaker. As she said, we were the first and the last group in the entire sections in our school that she would say yes for a seminar as a speaker. Of course, it was a great privileged for the whole 57&58 team. And it is indeed a dream come true for me.
On the other hand, what exactly is holistic care management in Nursing?, How does holistic approach would mean as a theory, related learning experience, and as a practice? What are its pitfalls? And How do we approach these pitfalls? All these and more will be answered within about an our from now. So ladies and gentlemen seatback and relax as HOLISTIC MAN a part can never be well unless the whole is well will rock your world. Thank you!.and Good morning!
Note: This OP wasn’t the actual opening that I had during the seminar because I lost my copy that time. I was just like saying anything that comes in my mind. Lol!
All seminars were really a big SUCCESS! Congratulations to all of us!

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