Wednesday, January 30, 2008

There was no way we could fly together

Photography by: Mart Armand Adiong @ Peaople's Park Davao City Philippines

I'm in an apologetic mood right now. Low energy. Low spirits. Low everything.
Allow me to take this opportunity to share with you some pointless prattle.

I'm sorry. For driving you away even when back then I've shown you like you were the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm not saying I want to turn the hands of time and go back to how things were. I'm pretty sure everything happens for a reason and we are better off where we are now.
I'm just...sorry.
I'm sorry. We drifted into two very different people. We didn't work that time because we didn't know how to dance around our differences.
We didn't work now because we've forgotten why we wanted to be together in the first place.I'm sorry. For leading you on. When you were getting there I didin't take the chance. When I was there you were already tired of it. I'm sorry that we're like parallel lines that we can't meet at a common point.

I thought I knew what I wanted. But when I was put on the stand, I faltered and realized I was making a mistake. I know the problem was all about beacause of me. What I did and what I did not. You can put all the blame on me.

I'm sorry I can't give you everything that you needed/wanted.
I'm sorry that it is just me.
You have great things in store for you. Putting me in the picture would only taint and compromise your bright future.I'm sorry. I wasn't enough for you that you get off. I'm even more sorry that you thought I cheated on you. You were already in mid-flight while my plane hasn't even taken off. There was no way we could fly together. You know who you are.... "I'm Sorry".

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