Monday, January 21, 2008

COPAR turned to a SURVIVOR adventure!

Last thursday was the first day of our COPAR exposure ( community Organizaing Participatory Action Research)at the Barangay Langub Davao City.

That gives us with 4 more weeks for the community exposure, since our exposure will last for more than a month or 5 weeks all in all.

Copar is a community development project conducted by students. We had to immerse ourselves in the community; that means living with the people in the community for a particular period of time so that you actually get to feel what life is like in that community; you see and experience its problems. So you get a better idea what interventions you can use to address those problems.

( at fist we're like just playing and enjoying the place)

So, what we had on the first day was we assessed the families in the area. Each of us have to interview families on the next day. Then next week we'll be organizing different activities. For example, health teachings, feeding, some games (to simply entertain the people there hehe), etc. After that we'll prioritize all the problems of the families and choose one problem which is the most important and/or urgent. Than that's it... We'll I will just be posting some updates about our exposure regularly coz I think it will be an exciting experience.... Like what had happened to us last Friday. When we were going out the community we loose our sense of direction. In other words " Nasaag mi". Rats! It took us for about two hours and a half roaming around the forest-like-area with muddy railways under the heat of the sun finding our way out. Shucks...

(lol! im sorry for using the word! it is just that mainit na ang ulo naming lahat having our situation! hehe..)

(until we found our way out! tnx GOD)

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