Friday, November 9, 2007

I'm SORRY Goodbye!

I’m sorry….. Goodbye!
By: Mart Armand A. Adiong

When I think of it
It seemed that It’s just yesterday
When you and I were together everyday
Throughout the darkest night
You and I became each other’s light
Our true love conducts
Will bring us joy to go halves

The minute you’re gone, I cried
The minute I left, you died
But even how much we tried
The love we shared has really got tired

So what’s now?
Now that we’ve parted ways
I guess you could still live through another day
Making friends with me someday

It is just that love that once so strong
Became so weak all along
I never treated you like I should
So what’s the good of loving me as you carry out
Although you always hoot at last nothing
Else would be good enough for you

You asked me if we could still make it
But for me it is just too late
Please understand me
For love has just fall out from me

All I can say is I’m sorry
It is the hardest word maybe
For the last time I want to say goodbye
Hoping you could forgive me as time passes by

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