Monday, November 5, 2007


Since there’s no class enjoying the blessing of holiday, yesterday I was hanging around our village, I saw these handful of children playing TUMBA LATA along the street. As I look at them, I was pretty nostalgic back in times when I was still an innocent kid. In times when my childhood friends like JJ, Micahel, Marco, Maureen, Maya, Michelle, Lumen etc. were continuously playing the said Filipino pioneered game plus the other amusing pastime that we enjoy the most like shatong, jolens, pogs, texts, lastiko, brus, milo2x, karate2x, luthang, giragira, taguanay ug uban pa. How I wish I could go back on those days when everyday seemed to be a celebration. Celebration of childhood. Celebration of friends. And simply a celebration of the gift of life that in the eyes of child is so beautiful, no worries, no uncertainties, no suspicions, no doubts, simply problem free. Al Koran said " For a child the world is a Wonerful Place , endlessly exciting, full of magic, you grow older and tend to forget that the world is a wonderful place. Still full of magic if you have eyes to see it.". This is perfectly true, as we grow older our concerns broaden and become wide we tend to be bothered with a lot of stuffs that we are not used to think about when we were younger. Here comes responsibilities in school, work, lovelife, gimmick life, money etc. Well, that’s naturally part of this cycle, we must not remain stagnant to survive this being. Cliché as it may be but wherever stage of existence we are in, to satisfy every phase of this cycle that we call life we just need to live life to the fullest.


lumene said...

huhuhuhumm!! i miss lastiko! unya isalapid... kumoanya man ta sa una nu?? jejejeeje

boy tikyo said...

huhu!! i missed those days... :-( ya you're right!!! sana balik nalang ako sa pagkabata! sana ganon nalang ulit! :-) lol