Wednesday, October 31, 2007

UNDAS 07! When the sun sets down!

Have you ever spent the close of the day watching the setting sun?
Have you ever strolled along the seashore, counting the minutes before the sun disappeared into the horizon?
Have you ever climbed a mountain and watched the world turn dark and bid goodbye to the sun?

Some people are afraid of the setting sun. They fear the long night that is signals, and imagine frightful shadows lurking in the darkness of the night. Others resent the setting of the sun. They want to continue playing the games outside their homes. They do not realize the enjoyment of the day has to come to an end.
But many others are happy to welcome the setting sun. they long for respite from the long and tiring day. They look forward to their soft and comfortable bed and a restful night’s sleep. They know that the following day, the sun will rise again, and bring them another new day.
I asked myself... how will I look when my sun set down? Will I look like this?

seloso!!hehehe... OK bah ang ACTING?
sino bah ang winner?

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bobcock said...

thw winner goes to..................................... you!! hahaha.. pang comedy yang pangalawa? sino ba yan1 nakakatawa siya...