Tuesday, October 16, 2007

GROUP 66 "the Semester ender SPEcial "

As I’ve written before, I was kinda apprehensive with my situation being moved from Monday group to Thursday group. I was not so sure about my knack to adjust with the schedule, CI’s, classmates and all the people around. But good thing is that I’ve been to one of the best groupmates ever existed in the entire DDC. Groupmates that are incredibly cooperative, cheerful, skillful and best of all responsible. They were with me on period where I’ve still examining things out, amending with new atmosphere, and learning different way of life. With lesser time, they’ve embraced me not only as their official new groupmate but as a true friend and like a brother. Mutually they’ve anyhow helped me to cope up and adjust different obstacles as a neophyte in their situate. Together we go beyond every problem academically, emotionally, spiritually and some other things like financial and love life. (hehehe..). Now, it is heartrending that like any movies and TV series locally or internationally ending is there to expect. Now, we’re about to make different tracks again.

If ever that we’re not gonna be groupmates next semester I would really miss how the pretty Maui smiles and moves like Mawimar, her toothful smile, her lips and her gradual makeover to stardom. How I wish there could still be someone who would tease and flirt with me like the beautiful Maria does, you know Fornication (hehehe…) and how her moods goes up and down. I would never forget how the zealous Rena collects our debts and sermons us when were not making our part as a member, how the heartthrob Kip discloses his way of magnetizing girls and you know what I mean, and how he chose the best clothes all the way from UKAY. Who could not recall the chocolates and how the shy type Maries reads very clearly and writes very well, the way she touches me every now and then. How Irish shows her beautiful body and calls me irresistibly to massage her back. Where else can I see an innocent face like the silent yet sweet Mimi and how she cooks food and be firm not to go with us on gimmicks. How the kind Carolyne talks about her lovelife and brings a lot of foods during outbase duties and of course I would never forget how the witty Dawnie makes the pathophysiology and covertly listens to her Mp3 player. These and more would always stay behind my wits until the closing stages of time. What more can I say?, We’re just the best group among the rest with the perfect combination. Name it and we’ll give it (hehehe)

I would just like to thank you guys for being with me through thick and thin, thank you for treating me well and letting me feel welcomed in your group, thank you for letting me believe that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known a person to become your friend. With you I experienced friendship with no time, thank you for disproving all my anxiety in Thursday group, thank you for adding me in your list of friends and I hope that time and space won’t erase me in that list. I swear to relish all the great memories that we had wherever, whenever and forever…huhuh! I’m starting to have teary eyes again.. (Drama! Hehehe….) Anyway, here’s a simple tribute to our terrific camaraderie… Enjoy! ( Don’t cry baby! hehehe... … take note of the soundtrack!)

writers note: ( Play the video first without watching until its complete, then replay the video and that's the time you can view it spontaneously)


paulo abutay said...

Eow! nyc one diong...hehe

carolyne said...

huhu...adiong mkahilak man sad ta oy. its so nice...yaw nlang lge blik monday group,smin ka nlang,hehehe....btaw, lamat sa pag treasure sa group 66 especially sa amoa...lamat auuuuuuuuuu.

IVO said...

nyc dude...hehehe..nice btaw xa na compilation...

rena said...

hay tarmz....nice jud xa!makahilak man put og rainbows oi..hehehe
yeheeeeyyy...clasmate ghapon ta!
thank for being part of our lives...god bless!