Thursday, December 28, 2006


Love is blind, love conquers all, Love is powerful and strong, Love can hurt and can help. These are some of those various chestnuts about love that we often hear from everybody. Is ist really true? For my parents the answer is indeed yes! Twenty-five years of togetherness, love, passion, excitement, happiness, pleasure, trust and even sorrows, fights and misunderstandings. Together they surpassed all impediments and provided evidence that love is really great. Nov. 27 1981 when they offered their solemn vow to love each other endlessly, to respect and trust one another faithfully and to cherish in the fruits of whatever fate may lay before them and that only death may would make them apart. Today, they are celebrating their 27th year of stong promise! Congrats!


Since TRAMZ CORNER is tagged to be informative
here are the things that are nice to know:
Anniversary symbols:

1 year is a paper anniversary
2 years is a
cotton anniversary
3 years is a
leather anniversary
4 years is a
linen anniversary
5 years is a
wood anniversary
6 years is an
iron anniversary
7 years is a
wool anniversary
8 years is a
bronze anniversary
9 years is a
copper anniversary
10 years is a
tin (or aluminium) anniversary
11 years is a
steel anniversary
12 years is a
silk anniversary
13 years is a
lace anniversary
14 years is an
ivory anniversary
15 years is a
crystal anniversary
17 years is a
turquoise anniversary
20 years is a
china (porcelain) anniversary
25 years is a
Silver Jubilee or silver wedding anniversary
30 years is a
pearl anniversary
35 years is a
coral (or jade) anniversary
40 years is a
ruby anniversary
45 years is a
sapphire anniversary
50 years is a
Golden Jubilee - not to be confused with the 'golden birthday' (not at a fixed age)
55 years is an
emerald anniversary
60 years is a
Diamond Jubilee
65 years is a
blue sapphire anniversary
70 years is a
Platinum Jubilee.
75 years is a
diamond wedding anniversary
80 years is an
oak wedding anniversary
source: wikipedia free encyclopedia


JUDY said...

how about 81 years and above?

aretha said...

yup! love is so powerful! indeed the most powerful thing on earth!