Sunday, November 19, 2006

a week of a NURSING student

Hello folks.... A week has been ended again!!! I just wanna share to you a sultry, wonderful, exiting and stressful week of a NURSING STUDENT!

Monday: NOthing REMARKABLE! We just had our Lecture Demonstration about parecentisis and thoracentesis. Our discussion was fun merely because our discussion is just between my friend and I. In other words I didn't listen to my Clinical instructor. hehehe It is due to her INEFFECTIVE TEACHING PATTERN RELATED TO TEMPORAL BRAIN DYSFUNCTION AND LACK OF KNOWLEDGE SECONDORY TO A GRADUATE OF DDC. hehehe She was extremely boring and it is better to read my book than to listen her reading the book. I was so nervous during our post test because I really don't know what to answer, good thing was our PCI was coaching us anyhow....heheeh RESULT : 22/30 A SURVIVOR MART ARMAND! quite BAD :-(

TUESDAY: mmmhhhh!!!! WE had our RETURN demonstration on OXYGEN ADMINISTARION...... I was very disappointed when I knew that it is not our assigned clinican insructor who will be the one to critic and grade us.... It was our PCI it doesn't mean PESTENG CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR but PRACTICING CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR... ehehehe....I was lucky beacuse I was under the service of doctor Ay! mali mmhh! ( I have forgetten the name of that girl) but I thank her for giving me the RESULT: A SMILING mart ARMAND! 90%!!!! yehey! Although I aimed for 95 and above Its quite good because other PC'IS are very LOW GRADE GIVER in SHORT FEELING CI. My other groupmates were below 85 and I was fortunate enough.
WEDNESDAY: This day was very scary for me because we are gonna have our RETURN DEMONSTARTION on GASTRIC LAVAGE.... Provided a very scarce time in preparing and memorizing the steps... I really did'nt expect a higher grade this time because this procedure is kinda DIFFICULT! RESULT: a SATISfied mart armand! PARTIAL SCORE 85%
THURSDAY: SLEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP!!!!! ZZZZZZhhhhhhhhzzhhhhh!!! Until I reallized that that we are going to have a quiz on PATOPHYSIOLOGY the next day! So, I was SHAKED RATTLED AND ROLLED because it was already 6pm I haven't secured a copy to study yet! Better I have bought immediately then SLLLEEEEEPPPP!!!! Again!!!! hehehe !!!!
FRIDAY: In the morning: Its BRENDA again !!! We had our 30 item quiz and the most memorable was, I had a minus . Why? because she acused me CHEATING. And Im INOCCENT! I SWEAR! I had my soliloquey stating " MAAYO! para naa pud koy mali ui! sige lang kog ka perfect!" hehehe Im not sour graping, I tell you its true.... heheeheh...In the afternoon my most awaited moment! we had our quiz on PATOphysio RESULT: A flunk mart ARAMND! huhuhuhu ;-(

SATURDAY: Nothing REMARKABLE! just a typical day! We had our READING SESSION in NCM and we had our quiz in HISTO RESULT: ? NURSING RESEARCH result: PERFECT! at last! hehe :-)

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