Friday, September 3, 2010


If everyone could be here, just one day to feel the mighty crystal clear ocean, white pearly sand, or simply take in fresh, cool air, then would realize we are all under God's power and we are not, in any way, superior, than the nature and therefore must respect its authority over us humans.

Our group was on a one day adventure trip to this wonderful Island. I was bleary-eyed as I had to wake up at 5:00am to prepare my stuffs. As I woke up I can just not rebuff to be anxious about the slot we were worrying overnight. I had some friends who were uncertain that they can come for they were not on the original final 50 head list. Slots were limited for the ferry capacity is also limited for a certain number of people. As I get out of bed, I made a group message reminding friends and to check them out. I looked outside clouds loomed on the horizon; making me worry about the adventure we were so excited for might not happen. But by the grace of God, the scorching sun shone through.

I arrived at the Sta. Ana Wharf at around 7:15a.m. Brilliant smiles of the Young adults and the undeniable fantastic Hawaiian outfits of stunning women and gorgeous men of the exponents dumbfounded me. While waiting for the others small talks, laughing and never ending picture taking were our pastime.

For only P200 per person, thrill-seeking Exponents had our way through exciting island hopping on a wonderful large scale horizon of the ocean, occasionally stops to deep portions that are good for swimming and the chance of diving under water to for an amazing underwater experience. Our fun includes a lot of super cool games with the “Pearly exponining”, “Major2x”, Waka waka, and “the power of we” as teams. We also had several of exciting gimmicks and a lot of cool prizes to win but above all never without the 1st F of our ministry’s principle, the modest but extravagant sumptuous Foods of the group. As the LRJ’s saying goes “United we come, provided we eat”. (waapaaakk!).

Taking a boat ride from Davao wharf to this precious in the South is an invigorating experience. We stopped over to different Islands from time to time and there we went for a dip to the beautiful marine life and witness the beauty of the corrals. At around 12PM we then went to Babo Santa Island. Our first tiring half of the itinerary was amply rewarded with a hearty lunch. The group feasted on a lechon, baked spaghetti, and bountiful spread of seafood, complemented by a dessert of some vegetables and fruits exclusively in Davao. After eating we then had given away the prizes for the games and announced the winners for the special awards. Joanathan and Donard grabbed the most early bird of the group. Renz and Venus Raj took the award for best in Hawaiian get up.

Still fighting sleep deprivation, but energized by excitement, the group then headed to another Island voyage.

A section of the ocean has a small high rock platform they used to call the wishing island from where we could jump into the water. It looks intimidating, but if you let go of your inhibitions and fears, Nature will richly reward you with an unforgettable experience.

At around 5:00Pm we left Samal Island with full but heavy hearts, and memories that

would always serve as an invitation to come back.

What a great holiday that was. A day of relaxation, enjoyment, play, away from the ratrace of the City bonding with people I love. All just pure fun yet still having our God the Almighty at the center of the fun. The culture of Food, Fun, Fellowship, Fotos, and Family were all present. What else can I ask for? I will never forget the joy and the bond we built within the exponents group.

I thank God for this Favor!

"As EL ARJAY FB status says: is very much thankful to the Hgff YoungAdults family, special mention to Pastor Joel Acaso and Jude Exodus Revelation , for inviting us to such fun-filled and relaxing island hopping activity!!! We are elated to enjoy such wonderful gifts from God with such wonderful people... Major Major, Power of We, Waka Waka and Pearly Exponinin (?).. the best!!! 'till next time :))"

"Always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." -Eph 5:20

GRATITUDE: Lord help us, your people to live lives that over-flow with thankfulness, always giving thanks to you. :-)

ABANGAN! Learning feedback Diary: Isang paglalakbay patungo sa pagsugpo ng espirito ng legalismo. Malapit na!

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