Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's about Sharing...

"We sleep in comfortable beds at night, and we have our families to embrace when we're lonely..."

One day with Mayee and Trecia, had our lunch at Blue Carabao Resto along Obrero Street behind Mc Donald’s Bajada. As we enjoyed eating our much-loved food, chewing the most scrumptious viand and sipping our freezing ice tea someone caught my attention. A little boy at around 7 years of age gaping at us like envious entity who can do nothing about his hunger. Out of consideration, we called him and let him join our meal. We talked to him and we knew that his name is Jason. He talked about his life. From where is his parents to what he has been doing all of the time. We learned that he came from a broken family. And there’s no one else to care for him so well that most of the time he’s in the street. No education. No. enough foods. No comfy clothes.

These are but of those stories, though real, we overlook; so wrapped up are we in our lives.
We disdain their mere presence. We try our best to keep away from them: we take a bypass when we see them coming towards us, heck we cross the opposite street if we can. We squirm in disguise if they so much as touch us. We detest them for soliciting a single peso from us, or ask for the left over of our shakes and drinks.
We think that they’re too lazy to earn a living or to go to school. We think they are nuisance to society. But do we really believe that if they had the choice they would actually choose to live in the streets, begging for their meals, dirty and hungry?
Unlike them, we don’t eat left overs. We sleep in comfortable beds at night, and we have our families to embrace when we're lonely. However, it doesn’t seem enough, does it?
I feel blessed when I give. I think it is more than a social responsibility. I feel more lucky that I’m the one giving rather than the one asking. Hindi madaling manghingi. I believe that each time I give, God shovels back to me what I shovel in his bin of compassion. Only His using a bigger shovel.
I don’t give anything to anyone and expect something in return. I give because it’s natural thing for me.
I’m not telling this to brag that I helped nor to impress others but once and for all let us think that these are people too; people with their hopes and dreams. They want the things that we want, and hope for something better in life as well. Maybe it’s not bad to share a little sometimes even a bit of what he have
To give is to show an example of Christian charity; being an inspiration to those who seek reasons to be righteous and giving hope to those in despair. God has not denied whatever I ask from Him.

I’m not someone who has everything in life in terms of material things. I tell you, there are also times where I can’t eat the food that I wanted or buy the things that I needed most. But, giving is not only through money or material things. It is also being able to listen to the problem of others and being able to give them good advice and encouragement. Most importantly, it is sharing of one’s time, understanding, love and mercy. Through giving, we are thanking God for the gift of life and, at the same time, making a difference in the lives of our brethren.
You don’t need to be a Manny Pacqiao or a Bill Gates for you to give. Tell me I’m a liar but it is nice to give, really. It is one of the most wonderful feelings when you give. TRY MO!


blogkadahan said...

hi tramz, kumusta? I was touched by your post, good thing to know that dili ka dalo nga pagkatao, thanks for sharing this story.I know daghan ang nakabasa ani and would realize how blessed they are. This might inspire them to help as well.

Nangumusta lang ug nabasa basa.

TRAMZ said...

hi blogkadahan..tnx.. hehe.. I'm perfectly fine. life is too short so let's make the best out of it by touching people lives... helping, loving, and caring...