Sunday, April 20, 2008

" Does Passion ENDS? When COMMITMENT Begins?

Just erlier as I visited surara's new blog I was kinda shocked when this post dumbfounded me:
as i was passing mart's page while ago, i was struck by this, "does PASSION ends? when COMMITMENT begins?" qouted by him in his friendster profile.does passion ends?and when does commitment begin?what makes a man by the way, if i ask you? fame? money? sexlife? good house? nice pad? gadgets? iphone? nightlife? art? love? why does these things are present in our lives by the way? does theses things contributes a man's growth in society and in God's eyes? lots of questions i've drawn by just reading mart's shout. i realized that if this things screen our lives or passed us, or got our attention our passions begin and our commitment ends. to whom we serve our commitment? God. and what this passion makes us? sinful, dirty, doomed. passion is like a drug, it makes you addicted to it.i think passion never ends. and commitment begins and ends in a short span of time.i dont want to get agains your lifestyle, but its true, if something gets our attention, we forget God. i am like you also, i forget God everytime. everytime. that makes me sad, and i made Him sad too.
It's nice to know your'e back... like a T-back.. LOL. Anyway, based on your posts these days it seemed that you're already spiritualy inlined... don't you?! Just a month ago you posted like an athiest thing. You seemed not to beleive in God already. But now? everything has changed and I'm glad to hear that. Maybe you were enlighted from where were you last week. wer'nt you? hehe.. Actually, I posted that out of nothing. I just heard it from the Newest Star Cinema's Movie treailer When love begins. When I heard it first of course I was thinking about relationships, love, and romance. There is some romantic relationships that is unclear. I mean you are together but you're not commited to each other. We are dating but I didn't tell you not to see someone else. There are relationships that are good as that, beause sometimes when time comes that when girl and boy engaged commitment to each other maybe passion ends. Maybe beacause of some factors that follows when you are committed. For some, it's just nice to enjoy each other that we are not commited to anything.
I guess that tagline was all about that. And I'm glad you have associated it with GOd's passion. you've braoden your idea and found a deeper meaning. God speed! i hope you'll come with me now on our open cell ( bible sharing) even without foods.. lol! just kidding.. anyway Thank you for that post you have somehow endorsed my page. Thank you! :-)

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