Monday, February 4, 2008


by: Mart Armand A. Adiong

All day in a creepy theatre room
Occupied with darkness
Alone in a corner, squatting on the floor like a helpless infant
Again, in a place so arctic
I suffer the twinge from the compunction of yesterdays
Hope there could be someone who can ease the pain

I could have done this before ..
I regret I didn’t ...
Look at me now ....
Overtaken by someone .....
Far behind from him ......

I was given chances but I was sightless
I was so passive. Lax. And confident
All signs were present
My move has just to be waited
If I could just bring back an instance
I will never allow myself to be
Mao na akong gibati ganina. naginusara sa ka ngitngit. sa OR room sa Davao Doctors Hospital. Nag Completion duty. Wa gihapoy case. Mao na na huna hunaan ang mga pagmahay. Unta sa una pa ko naga completion. unta completo nako sa akong Cases. huhuhu. Unta ma Complete nako! hehehr. para mugraduate najud ko! Sa paghulat sa oras nga mag out nako. nahimo ni nako ang poem. Incomplete! Naglagot ko kay naapsan nako sa uban! Complete na sila! Wa nay problema! kanus-a paman intawon ko ma Complete! becaouse I want to be COMPLETE! matud pa ni angel Locsin ug Piolo Pascual! pariha mi!


wanderingcommuter said...

wow nice play of words...keep it up!

thesocialcritic said...

i wanna wear those white suit someday. but i know i cant. all i can afford to wear is just a white and straight jacket :D

tramz said...

to wandering commuter: tnx for the compliment

to thesocialcritic: maybe someday you can :-)