Thursday, December 27, 2007

Where am I Heading?


by: Mart Armand A. Adiong

My body is feeble
My heart stings
My mind is in mystery
Sitting here by the window
In my room with the lights put away
Listening my favorite poignant music
Watching the shade of raindrops outside
Waiting till my eyes will shout sluggish
I recalled all the things that has came about
Thinking of what have I been doing
Reflecting all the things around
I realized I’m going nowhere
Stuffs seemed a waste of time
Efforts are futile.
Effects are missing.
Answers appeared formless.
What’s the hitch?
Is it with me?
Or with the things around?
I just can’t react.
I just can’t understand.
I just don’t know.
where am I heading.?

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