Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trecia Leigh

That's all I wanna Say
By: Mart Armand Adiong
A poem dedicated to Trecia Leigh

The town is frosty, and there is woe all around
No one to hold and I’m without a dream to share
Like nobody else care
The moon is novel, but to me it holds no promise
A dark city that is full of sadness

My heart is blue, when suddenly I saw you
It is hardly believable to think , that I’ve met a big shot
Embossed into the deepest stratum of this poor heart
Someone who became a burning name
A flame that I’ll never shame

My existence has found its meaning
That is to be with you, I pray
Promise only you I devote
If only you would let me please
Cross the threshold of bliss

When I saw you smile at me ,I fly
Plus the way you gaze at me I soar high
My heart is grateful
Coz life became so beautiful
The majesty your smile and glimpse bring
Is the most wonderful feeling
All I’m aski’n would it be everlasting?

You do not have to search any longer
Coz here I am, loving you forever
A promise that will last eternally
Till the whole world will end completely

The moment I’m with you my world brings to a halt
Can’t we simply pass the time of day?
Because this affection is growing each day
My heart screams
Shouting like a sun that beams
That's all I wanna say
my Trecia leigh.


nea said...

anong ibig sabihin nito? hhmmppp??!

raquel said...

hhaaayy! ang SWEET! Im askin when will i have a poem like dis? and from whom?

lyn said...

hus TRECIA LEIGH? ang swerte naman nya! pwede para sakin nalang yan?

Anonymous said...

ur as sweet as ever! im dying to see you in person tramz!

tramz said...

hahaah katawanan man mu ui!

Jenny0323 said...

Kaila ko kung kinsa ni si Trecia Leigh...