Wednesday, November 14, 2007

O’s DREAM ACADEMY! New batch of Superstars launched!


New Groupmates:

After a drawn out period, at last the long wait is over!. Over millions of groupmate hopefuls dying to be part of the best group in town, these 12 people was amalgamated as one. They will be together to face new challenges of this second semester. Of course, in every aspect of ones life change is unavoidable we need a change to develop towards an enhanced being. From section N to O, from group 66 to 57, from 10 members to 12. Yes, there were some changes but with any luck, these adjustments are for good. Here are the stronger, smarter, bigger group 57 family!

Adiong, Mart Armand
Aguinaldo Joseph Ivo
Amistoso Maricel
Arboleda Ella Krissan
Baronia Ma. Christina
Basa Renalyn
Bechayda, Kris Ian Paul
Candelasa, Gerremay
Castro Maristella,
Darlene Lady Castro,
Clar Irish May
Denaque, Carolyn


The gorgeous brainy babe:
She’s hot and new babe coming from group 70 last sem. She’s a gorgeous girl you would always see hanging around the campus. Her name’s Ella Krissan Arboleda who loves to read novels and write poems. She has matured physically but has a great personality. Certainly, boys can’t resist her charm leaving them breathless with her enchanting looks. Let us all welcome! The group 57’s new gorgeous brainy babe!

The prodigal highly emotional hunk:
You have seen him reading books and studying handouts down the corridors of the campus and in the school library and he has never failed to catch your attention and take your breath away. You might have wondered what his name is. Let me tell you! He is Joseph Ivo Aguinaldo a dude coming from the last group last sem. Prepare for numerous Kleenex to wipe up our epistaxic rhinos. Surely, Joseph will craft our nose bloody and make you girls go crazy! Welcome! group 57’s new prodigal highly emotional hunk!

The simple mysterious smart gal:
She is a girl coming from the section S last sem. She’s a good friend and considers herself a family loving girl. She is simple. She is fervent. She is passionate. She is hardworking. She is Darlene lady Castro, the new simple mysterious smart gal of group 57.

(Picture coming soon!) - mysterious kasi! :-) - o may photo na! hehe

Miss Ag TAng:
Three came in and one gets off. Obviously, Dawnie Detalla is out of the picture. That’s life. Sometimes we can never choose our own destiny. But, whatever happens we will never forget you. We will always value that ones we’d known someone like you. A depiction of real responsible student is what you have shown us. An image of a true group mate is what you have given us. And a replica of a genuine friendship is what you have left us. Once again, thank you and goodbye Dawnie!

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