Saturday, December 1, 2007


Throughout our life deciding may be the hardest thing to do. Whether to say yes or no? To go up or down? To the left or to the right?. We make a lot of decisions everyday, whether at home, work or in school. People usually step back saying “ suma nimo! Tiguwang naman ka bahala naka”.

In school, some friends invite us to join their group; others call us to join another group. We would like to join both groups, but in the end, we choose and decide. Emo or hiphop? Punk or trashers? Jologs or sosy? Nerds or sporty?

Some of the bigger decisions affect our use of time. We decide whether to stay at home for the weekend and finish our requirements in school, or go out with our friends and watch a movie. SM, NCCC or GS?, VICTO o Gmall? MTS, venue? halo? o autoshop?. Furthermore, boy gets attracted to a girl he decides whether he would pursue to court her or not so as with the girl if he deserves to be loved as well in return. Stop or go? On or Busted? In taking exams and quizzes, we decide whether the correct answer is letter a, b, c or d.

When we were small kids, we also made some small decisions. When we had to make bigger ones, our parents and elders taught us what to do, and we follow them. Now that we are big enough we are able to make many small decisions and big ones as well. Not only that, we are expected to make these big decisions. We do not have anymore someone like our mother to decide for us. We are expected to decide on our own.

I think that the hardest thing about making a decision is the result of that choice. Whether failure or success. Throughout my life the question, how to make the right decision? Is one thing I’ve been always asking myself. How do we really choose the correct decision? Is there anyway to make sure that a decision we chose is the right one? or will result to what we wished for? Is there really such thing as the right way to make decision? How will you know that the decision you made was the right one? I’ve spent about 19 years trying to answer that question. Until now, the answer is still very vague.

Sometimes when deciding is the hardest thing to do I would tend to leave everything to the coin “yes for hari and no for patay”. Come what may! Bahala na si batman. Bahala na si superman. Bahala na ang piso! Yes or no? piso? Unsa man? Pasabta ko!

How about you? how do you decide?


lino said...

if you were happy of the outcome of your decision i guess that's the time you can say that u made the right choice.

TRAMZ said...

lino... tnx for the comment i think u have a point...

batang buotan said...

decisions are often coupled with uncertainties. some we make a great mistake as a result of hasty decisions. sometimes we celebrate the glory of our decisions.

what is important to me is my decision, whether i fail or succeed, the best thing is, in my life, i decide (and they just suggest)

TRAMZ said...

exactly bata! yes! what's essential is we made the decision coming from our own mind and heart.... whatever risks will come at least we can't blame anyone.