Saturday, May 19, 2007

TRAMZ is BAck With A reVENGE!

I haven’t made a quite decent post these last few months, my excuse for this is that I am overly busy with my caseless hospital duties, application for OR/DR completion, the computer is wasted, and lack of motivation - having all these, in short, tinatamad ako.

I actually have a few sensible posts ready to be published, but for goodness, I haven’t finished them - actually, I haven’t even started them yet, except for the titles. Anyway, its in my priority list now, since summer vacation will end soon.

There were quite a lot of crucial events and stuffs that I missed writing about such as MY BIRTHDAY, DUTY EXPERIENCES, MY NEW GROUPMATES, and MY FIRSTTIME TO VOTE. I promise to post it anytime soon.... Maybe early next week... Anyway, what's important is that I'm back! and I'm back with a revenge! lol!

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