Sunday, March 4, 2007



Our Psychiatric Nursing exposure is now Over! thus, i am now filled with bliss! I can now say goodbye to SLEEP PATTERN DISTURBED RELATED TO THERAPY PLANNING SECONDORY TO NEW DAY RECOVERY CENTER MIGA AND MIGO


Our first therapy ( recreational) was a total cathastrophe as our grade was 69.99%


Our final therapy (PSYCHODRAMA) during our culmination day soared high with a total of 92.38 %. The script was great made by our head scriptwriter Sir Ivo with assistants Ma'am Niccole and Sitti and Of course Directed by yours truly.


Our culmination day obtained an EXELLENT rating from our clinical instructors and supervisors that of course i had planned and organized (after long weeks of altercations with the class and a lot of YAwYAw!)

grabee ang Exposure namin doon lang talaga Kumapal ang aking mukha! kumanta ng NEWSPAPER ROSES , sumayaw ng kahit anong sayaw, Nag HOST, KuMANTA ng Mala F4 na Oh baby2x! sa harap ng maraming tao! hinalikan pa ako sa gitna ng stage ng isang psychiatric patient naminn huh! hehehe
I am now very busy revising 3 manuscripts (NSG research, Psychia, ward) HEELLP!!
As the election candidiates is now busy on its campaign along with our SSO election. I am running for President. We are very busy conceptualizing our campaign format! Watch ot for our BANNERS, BILLBORADS, LEAFLETS and website. SOON!
Grabe marami talaga akong nakaaway last week! Ang hirap palang maging Leader sa grupo ng tatlong Subjects! Nagdiderek pa ako sa psychodrama nag paplaning for our culmination day, ginagawa ko pa ang aking responsibilidad as a Class President! wala talaga akong tulog! kaya kaunting salubong lang! Babangain ko talaga! thus, "magbiro kana sa bagong gising wag lang sa walang tulog". But, bati ko na silang lahat. Peace :-)

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