Monday, December 18, 2006


Last week was a total disaster. It was my most horrible week ever. Since my classmates appointed me to be the class president the burdens brought by our epidemiology manuscript was drawn all in me. The first day of our community exposure was really a tedious one Ultraviolet rays of the sun, muddy roads, and heavy bags. (grrrr). I went home very late just to collate the data. From the fifty people of the whole 13G class thank to those five people who helped me. On the second day, my migraine attacked when I was so busy distributing tasks and requesting those hardheaded people to help in our paper. Some of us never sleep including me just to finish our manuscript. After those sleepless nights our case presentation came. I had just gone home and took a nap when I came school I found out that a lot of things wasn’t fixed. There was no page number, some table doesn’t have justification, some pages wasn’t printed yet and a lot more…. So, our manuscript was passed late. Our panelist became mad. So the result was a 58% flying with color final score. In the afternoon our clinical instructor met us. We passed our requirements and boogng! She became crazy with what we passed “ Unsa ko ktabang?! Nakaluko mo sa akoa? Unsa mani………………………………..”
we should be released at 4:00 o’clock pm but it was about 6:00 pm when she dismissed the poor group 31.(huhuhuh). When I’m about to go home I pip on my wallet when I found out that I’m brook. I only have an exact amount of 6.00 pesos. I was walking along the street when booghsszz! my chock-full bag busted out! OMG! All of my things fell down and speckled all over the sidewalk. What a shame!!! I was alone when I quickly dig those up .

In that week also the night before our prelim exam I had a 41 degree fever with flu and colds. I didn’t had a review even a single glance on our lesson. And in that case, I expect to have a flunk score. (HUHUHU). What a disastrous week.! Yon lang! There’s a lot to say but one sitting is not enough!

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