Thursday, November 30, 2006



What all I can say? its Bonifacio day! (heheeh) Nope, it’s not like I have nothing to say nor I got tired of writing. In fact, my head is so brimming with thoughts that my fingers can’t keep up with them already.

It's just I feel bad! It sucks big time that we don’t have internet for a month in our house, although its not DSL or cable but its my crummy dialup.why? simply because of poverty! (heheeh) Rats! And it’s been two weeks already since I have kept on memorizing and internalizing those RETURN DEMONSTARTIONS procedures to the extent that I don't have even time combing my hair. And erlier we had our make up class in NCM and NSG RESEARCH in leiu with the holiday tomorrow and because DDC oncology building will not have classess on saturday since the rooms will be utilized for the board exam stuffs or something! im not sure! I was so tired with the lectures about FLUIDS AND ELECTROLYTES and all those epistatic terminologies our CI had taught us, as hyper corticosteroids, peocromocytoma and all about burn patients.... ERFERERF!!! my head was about to drain! why? because my body and brain cells are used to have a break every thursday but unfortunately we just had our make up class!

Thus, BONIFACIO DAY? ANONG KONEK? hehehe! anyway, since I have nothing to say about this day! let me just share to you this video! I guess it has something to do with today's occation anyhow!

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